Why We Exist – Our Mission

Our mission and existence go back further into the past than the 2022 Nobel Prizes for quantum mechanical problem solving, awarded to the scientists Alain Aspect (Université Paris- France),  John F. Clauser (J.F. Clauser & Assoc., Walnut Creek, CA, USA) and Anton Zeilinger
(University of Vienna, Austria). Yet the importance of quantum computing for the further successful development of human society in general and its related key applications, the financial industry, defense systems, the blockchain technology couldn’t be highlighted in a more dramatic fashion.

Quantum computing, an emerging technology that uses the laws of quantum mechanics to produce exponentially higher performance for all types of calculations. It is so powerful that it defies human imagination. It will cause a new industrial revolution  and it offers the possibility of major breakthroughs across all markets and business sectors. Investors also see these possibilities: Funding of start-ups focused on quantum technologies more than doubled to $1.4 billion in 2021 from 2020. Quantum computing now has the potential to capture nearly $700 billion in value as early as 2035, with that market estimated to exceed $90 billion annually by 2040. That said, quantum computing’s more powerful computers could also one day pose a cybersecurity risk. To learn more, dive deeper into these topics:

  • how quantum computing could speed up technologies to achieve net zero
  • latest developments in the quantum computing ecosystem and the looming talent gap
  • how quantum computing simulating complex molecules could accelerate drug research
  • options to consider as quantum computing may be able to crack encryption as early as 2030

We believe that quantum computing based solutions are the future of mankind. We believe that any sustainable businesses will be based on the unimaginable power of quantum computing. Therefore, we  are driven by a strong purpose to make the world a better place by using innovation based on quantum computing. We are confident to be among new future market leaders.

Quantum computing is showing the world what happens when purpose, science and entrepreneurship combine.  Quantum computing will also lead to a new form of the “Internet of Things”, where it will be possible to assign any “thing” a value and a specific location, together with other qualities.

We passionately believe that our efforts in the following areas will create an impact in the transformation to become global business leaders and a sustainable world:

  1. We develop and invest in quantum computing applications for artificial intelligence and robotics.
  2. We develop and invest in quantum computing applications for defense solutions.
  3. We develop and invest in quantum computing applications for analysis driven investment decisions in the financial sector.

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